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Comfortable Lodge recommends this holiday accommodation 100 km north of Porjus. There are 8 double rooms in a typically Swedish style. They were completed end of 2009. Each room offers a wonderful view on the river Kalix, has its own entry, and space for 2-4 persons. Shower and bathroom facilities and internet access are in every room.

The rich breakfast or a delicious dinner is served in the restaurant nearby.








The restaurant is well-known for its extraordinary cuisine and will give you a taste of Lapland. The ingredients for these delicacies all come from the region. Meat from the hunter, fish from the fisherman, and berries which we pluck ourselves. Also our pastries, to a great part, come from our own house.

The carefully choosen menu is according to season and local supply. Our wide range includes:

  • a rich and diversified breakfast buffet
  • a lunch buffet
  • À la carte service
  • coffee and cakes




Today's Swedish sauna house was once the apartment house and apart of the barn, the only building. It was renovated and extended to a house with two cozy saunas and a wonderful lounge with fireplace. An ideal place to while away what is left of the day and to spend some quality holiday time with friends or colleagues! Welcome to Sweden!









wilderness camp

The luxurious holiday camp in the wild offers you an unique trip experience all the year round. It is characterised by the wonderful location in the Swedish wilderness, without access by streets or pathways, between Kalix and Kaitum, which are two of Sweden's untouched rivers. The authentic atmosphere in the sauna heated with wood, the wilderness restaurant and the traditional Sami tent, stands for an extraordinarily recreational surrounding, far from the stress of everyday life. Welcome to Sweden!

Approximatly 2.5 km lie between our holiday lodge and the camp in the wild. During winter you reach the camp by snowmobile, a dog team, skis or snowshoes.




budget cottage

The newly build budget holiday cottages are perfect for the budget traveller. They have basic tools for making coffee  and tea and a microwave. Toilet and shower are in the nearby service building











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Prices Lodge

01.12.2016 - 15.04.2017
Prices per person if nothing else mentioned
Bed in doubleroom with shower/toilet 785,00 kr
Bed in doubleroom with shared facilities 595,00 kr
Bed i Quadrupelroom with shower/toilet 455,00 kr
Bed in Tripleroom with shower/toilet 605,00 kr
Forced singleroom addition 555,00 kr
Bed in cottage, with shower/toilet in servicebuilding 350,00 kr
Breakfast 90,00 kr
Lunch 200,00 kr
Dinner 270,00 kr
Sauna 100,00 kr
 Single room  390 kr
 Double room (per night, per person)  275 kr
 Per week  1900 kr
 Per month (ex electricity)  4800 kr
Bedlinen (per person, per stay) 100 kr
WILDERNESSCAMP (min 4 pers)  
Overnight in wildernesscamp 1 150,00 kr
Breakfast in wildernesscamp 135,00 kr
Lunch in wildernesscamp 250,00 kr
Dinner in wildernesscamp 320,00 kr
Dinner 2 course in wildernesscamp 575,00 kr
Dinner 3 course in wildernesscamp 770,00 kr
Sauna in wildernesscamp 175,00 kr

* Sleeping cottages have no tapwater, but have basic coffee/tea equipment.
Shower/sauna/toilet and kitchen are in the nearby servicebuilding.

Best booking dates Lodge

 Use these days to plan your holiday


28 August 2017 4 September 2017
14 September 2017>/td> 1 October 2017
11 October 2017 29 October 2017
9 November 2017 27 November 2017
9 December 2017 27 December 2017
7 January 2018 26 January 2018
6 February 2018 24 February 2018
8 March 2018 25 March 2018
end of season end of season

Outside of these dates there is > > 70% moonlight interference